All-In-One Performance Quadcopter

No Obstruction For Your In-flight Shots

Foldable Landing Gear

Innovative design of the landing gear for the Ghost+ allows you to make unobstructed recordings while it's airborne.

A 360º Field of Aerial View

High Quality 3-Axis Gimbal

Morpheus series gimbals are designed for professional aerial photography, ensuring stable and crisp images from the Go Pro Hero series cameras.

Less Drag And More Efficiency

Cutting Edge 12' APC Propellers

Aerodynamically designed to withstand strong wind and contributes to effective, stabilized flying.

Super Combo Ready To Fly

All-in-one Assembled

All the requisite parts are assembled for you so you can start your aerial voyage as soon as possible.

Low Battery Warning

When battery is running out or signal is lost, it will make 'beep beep' sounds and safely land to ensure safety.

Waypoint Groundstation

Supports up to 16 pre-set Waypoints, resulting in seamless navigation.


Monitor key flying figures through your mobile device via the Hero App, including altitude, distance, battery level, and etc.

Landing & ReturnHome

Using these simple modes, you can have the Ghost+ return safely, great for beginners operating.

Follow-Me Function

The Follow Me function allows the Ghost+ to track your movements via GPS coordinates and trail behind you.